Caffè Sacher (VIENNA – Zona Opera): RATE:9/10


This article almost does not need any introduction… or maybe to be written. A bit like what happened to Harry’s Bar, also in this case we had to cancel the rate. How do you judge those who invented the most famous chocolate cake in the world? The legendary Sacher cakes? Impossible.
What we can tell you is that in any case going to the Sacher Cafe in Vienna is a must, one of those things not to be missed. It will be for the extraordinary atmosphere of a place that has not changed over time and which makes its style an icon exported all over the world. It will be so nice to sit and have tea and hot chocolate (they have a huge selection) in the beautiful red and white rooms, furnished in typical Viennese style… in short, every time I go to Vienna a breakfast always runs away.

And once the Sacher Torte is tried, the authentic one, I assure you that you will not forget it anymore. It’s a question of perfect balance between dough, superfine icing and that sour touch of apricot to make it the most famous cake in the world, served with a little unsweetened cream (the slice about 5 euros).

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A recipe made of 34 passages handed down from generation to generation, very secret and debated, whose paternity between the Sacher Cafè and the patisserie Demel ended up in court twice, to then give reason to the Sacher Cafè which has the trademark original. I’ve tasted them both – imagine – and they’re delicious (that of Demel is just as exquisite), but my preference, and I can not tell you exactly why, is for that of Sacher Coffee.

If you dare to do it too at home the Sacher (of course it will be an imitation for how good, because the recipe is secret) you can find the recipe here, in Chef for a Day!

In addition to the Sacher, you can sample various Viennese pastry specialties including topfen (a cheese-based cake), lemon soufflé, fried plums and pudding, or typical salty Viennese dishes with sausages and sauces, different types of toast, chicken breast in rice sauce, knodel, Wiener Schintzel and other Viennese specialties.

In addition, if you want to bring a Sacher next to coffee to friends and family you can go to the shop where you will be spoiled for choice: there are sacher of all sizes (even from 1) and will be sold in the beautiful balsa wood and you can keep them for 2 weeks. The packaging will pass without problems at the airport and will allow you to transport it to the fullest. Also in the shop you can buy different “Sacher Trade Marck” items including cups, plates and glasses, tablecloths and small objects of all kinds… all rigorously signed Sacher.

Finally an important trick: recently opened the Sacher Cafe Salon, the entrance is right next to that of the famous Cafe Sacher, the cakes served are always the original ones and the deco environment is just as delicious. Here you will find less queue!


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Cafè Sacher Wien

SERVICE: fast and efficient

COST: high (a slice of sacher costs about 5 euros), but it’s all worth it. Remember that we are inside a 5-star hotel

OPENING Caffè Sacher: Always open from 8 am to midnight

OPENING Sacher shop: from 9:30 am to 6 am and Sunday from 9:30 am to 5 am

ADDRESS: Philharmonikerstrasse 4, A-1010 Vienna

TELEPHONE: 0043 1514560


POSITIVE: Sacher torte, pleasant and silent environment, efficient service

NEGATIVE: High prices, sometimes there may be a line to enter.

DO NOT MISS: I will be repetitive, a nice slice of Sacher with cream.


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