La ricetta di un millefoglie di carciofi e pecorino
La ricetta di un millefoglie di carciofi e pecorino

This recipe of Artichokes Millefeuille was taught to me by “Sciullo”, a great italinachef who was my teacher for a few months during the cooking academy.
The creation of the dish is simple but highly effective.

Ingredients (two people)

  • 2 or more artichokes;
  • pitted black olives;
  • pecorino romano cheese;
  • Flour, oil, lemon
  • artichoke sauce (recipe here)

Take the artichokes and clean them well (be sure to dig out the beard!), keeping them whole. If you don’t plan to cook them immediately, leave them to soak in lemon water so they don’t blacken.

At this point you need to boil the artichokes in what is called “bianchetto”, a solution of hot water, flour and lemon which is used to keep them clear. If you don’t feel like it, simply boil them in water and lemon.

In the meantime, cut the pecorino into very thin flakes with a potato peeler and then cut the olives into rounds.

Once the artichokes are cooked and are soft to the fork, cut them into not too small pieces and assemble a “mille feuille” like this:

a thin layer of artichokes
flakes of pecorino to cover
a few black olives
And so on for several layers (at least 3).

Everything must be seasoned with the “secret sauce“… whose very secret recipe you will find by clicking here.

Quindi, se volete fare bella figura per una cena importante o galante, sfoderate il millefoglie di carciofi!

Successo assicurato! (così ho conquistato Angelica)

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