The pork loin with carrots and rosemary is always a huge success. An easy dish to make, but a non-trivial recipe that I learned from an Italian boy with whom I shared an apartment in NY who had been a chef. What makes this recipe fantastic is the sauce that comes out of it. Truly remarkable!


  • Pork Loin 1 kg
  • 7/8 carrots (finely chopped);
  • 5 cloves of garlic;
  • half a glass of white wine;
  • olive oil;
  • pepper;
  • meat cube;
  • rosemary (2/3 sprigs);
  • laurel;
  • curry (optional but recommended)
  • Salt to taste.

Tie the loin with kitchen twine (but they generally sell it already tied!). Take a pan large enough to accommodate the pork loin which must not touch the edges and fill it with abundant oil (and by abundant I mean abundant, a couple of fingers in the pan, at least 200 ml). Heat the oil and add the rosemary (two sprigs), a couple of bay leaves, pepper and curry (a couple of teaspoons depending on how strong your curry is). Now immerse the pork loin and brown it over a high heat for at least a minute on each side. Lower the heat to medium and add the chopped carrots and garlic cloves (appropriately purged from the central core).

Brown everything for a couple of minutes and add half a glass of water and a half of wine with which you will water the pork loin (pay attention to the liquid-boiling oil reaction). Cook everything for another 35 minutes, turning the pork loin from time to time and adding the stock cube of meat and a pinch of salt. Remove the rosemary sprigs and bay leaves.

Wrap the meat in silver paper and wait for it to cool before cutting it.

Continue cooking the sauce (without the meat obviously) until the garlic has completely disintegrated and becomes one with the carrots (it will take about another thirty minutes, if necessary, add a drop of water if the sauce sticks to the pan). Cut the meat thinly and heat it in the pan with the sauce.

Guaranteed result.

PS If you want to add a touch of class you can buy some dried plums, carve some points of the stem and insert the pitted plums inside.

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