Old fashioned handmade mayonnaise is a terribly time-consuming and risky business…
We don’t know how many times it drove me crazy.

A method that seems miraculous has now spread on the web. Simple and perfect, you will need some small precautions and a… hand immersion blender!


1 egg (absolutely from the fridge!)
190 ml of seed oil
½ lemon
salt to taste

Take a cylindrical container, glass or plastic, it doesn’t matter, and insert the ingredients strictly in this order:

WHOLE EGG (cold!) + OIL + HALF SQUEEZED LEMON (watch out for the seeds) + SALT (we won’t say how much is enough… for us 5 large pinches.

Immerse the blender in the bottom of the container and blend, blend, blend (do not move it for 5 seconds). You will see that the color and density will begin to be similar to mayonnaise (that’s it!), at this point move the blender two, three times up and down.

Taste, and if necessary add salt and lemon and you’re done. in 2 minutes, perfect and creamy!

If you want a more robust aroma, add a little mustard.

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