Here we are with this rather particular recipe for duck breast which combines duck with orange with oriental cultural preparations.
A recipe that takes inspiration from the classic by adding a little imagination. An easy recipe that however gives life to an apparently demanding and haute cuisine dish.

Ingredients for 2 people

  • 1 duck breast (it seems wise to buy it already cleaned, you will find it at the supermarket);
    15 ml of blueberry juice
    10 ml of soya
    1/2 nut
    splash of cognac
    1 orange
    1/2 lemon
    orange marmalade
    currant jam
    meat concentrate (optional)
    2 tablespoons of flour
    a drop of oil

First of all, to protect your kitchen floors, I strongly recommend spreading newspapers in front of the stove. Duck fat is unforgiving. The secret of the duck is precisely this: you need to eliminate all the fat, which is very rich in the underskin. To do this you need to prick the duck breast with a fork, a bit like you do with sausages.

We turn on the oven at 200 degrees.

At this point we place the duck on a pan with the skin side down and cook it over medium/high heat without adding fat (butter or oil).


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Spray it with a drop of cognac which releases a pleasant smell. 10 minutes cooking for the skin side, 5 for the breast side. Clearly this applies to a small breast for two people, if you choose a larger one increase the cooking time.

Let’s prepare the sauce that will be used to season it: take a pan and brown two tablespoons of flour with some oil.

Once the flour has browned, add the juice of an orange and that of half a lemon, a spoonful of vinegar, a spoonful of soya, 15 ml of blueberry juice, a spoonful of orange marmalade and if you have it (I realize I realize that it is not really in common use) a spoonful of blackcurrant jam . Add a half teaspoon of meat extract (also optional) and a pinch of salt.

Let the sauce cook for 5/10 minutes to reduce it.

Remove the duck from the pan, salt it and put it in the oven, draining well all the fat that needs to be eliminated.

After 5 minutes at 200 degrees, take it out of the oven, once again eliminating the additional fat it has released.

Cut it into slices and season it with the super sweet and sour sauce.

Very good and impactful.

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