Pasticceria Nonna Vincenza (city center and airport take away) RATE: 9/10 (2)


Or when grandmothers (Nonna) become entrepreneurs …
Leaving behind the beautiful Sicily for me is always sad. Fortunately, the Sicilians are equipped to the best softening the return on the peninsula with the patisseries of the airports. If in Palermo (Punta Raisi) there is the legendary pastry shop Palazzolo, Catania is not far behind: the Fontanarossa airport is home to one of the most famous pastry shops in the city, the sweets of Nonna Vincenza.
The main shop of Nonna Vincenza to tell the truth is in the historic center of the city, a few meters from Piazza del Duomo, Piazza San Placido. This venue is very beautiful (as well as the historic center of the city), the wooden interiors highlight the masterpieces of Sicilian pastry: cannoli, cassate, martorana fruit, biscuits with almond paste, amaretti, olivette di S Agate, the sweet of the bride, the candied fruit, are some – but not all! – of the specialties you will find at Nonna Vincenza.


Sicilian specialties whose science of working to tell the truth comes not only from the tradition of Catania but also from the city of Enna. To give you an example of different preparation, in Catania cannoli pasta is fried, while in the area of Enna cooking in the oven is preferred. From Nonna Vincenza you will find both preparations.

Nonna Vincenza is one of the rare cases in which entrepreneurship – as well as the historical site in Catania, the airport in Fontanarossa and one in the center of Rome – and tradition went hand in hand without hindering each other. The quality, even if we can no longer speak of a small artisanal pastry, has always remained the mission of the super arzilla Nonna Vincenza.

But here the organization is the master. For the airport take away all is very well arranged: cards scribe the booking number, quick servers prepare parcels to make it easy to transport by plane, and, if you ask the headquarters in the center to wrap a cannolo to take with you on the road will be contacted the shop at the airport to prepare your package, jealously kept until the providential pronunciation of your name.

The liqueurs are also fantastic.

But let’s see what interests you most, the schedules of Nonna Vincenza pastry shops divided by store. Also in Rome, Campo dei Fiori area and Milan.

I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza

SERVICE: fast and professional

PRICE: 1.90 per cannolo


– HISTORICAL SITE: Catania Piazza San Placido 7 (Palazzo Biscari) TEL. 0957151844

OPENING: Mon-Sat 8-21. Sunday: 8-14

– CATANIA AIRPORT (Bellini-Fontanarossa), after the gates to departures. TEL. 0957234522

OPENING: Mon-Sun 6-22 (!)

– POINT OF SALE D’ANNUNZIO Via G. D’Annunzio 216 (under the arcades). TEL 095376228

Mon-Sat- 8 am-1.30pm-10pm Sun 8.30am-1.30pm


Mon-Sun 6.00-21.30

– POINT OF SALE IN ROME: Via Arco del Monte 98 (Campo dei Fiori)

– POINT OF SALE IN MILAN Via Tertulliano 70 Tel 0284149541



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