Le Tre Bocche (City centre) RATE: 7/10


I must admit it: at the Tre Bocche we ate really well. The fresh fish arrives daily from the fish market of Catania (the owners of the restaurant have a counter), the choice is varied and in the kitchen they certainly know their stuff. So there is no wonder about the full booked that every night is recorded at the Tre Bocche. A seafood restaurant for true Catania people.
The two small rooms are tastefully decorated and there are not many covered so we recommend booking in the we become almost mandatory.

Of the beautiful evening spent in this elegant restaurant remains the discordant note of a rather annoying service. I understand the familiarity with the fish market, but wanting to sell at all costs remains an attitude that waits for a good restaurant, suggested by many guides, including Slow Food, we prefer not to receive. At all costs to try to give us a bigger fish, and, after our refusal, serve us at all costs of sardines a beccafico and swordfish rolls in its place; wanting to sell a bottle of wine at all costs and, following the request for a wine list, get out with the blatantly offensive phrase “there are even low-end wines”, winking with those French maid mustache, was one of those treatments that make you nervous even to tell them a week after their occurrence. We did not even like the absence of the menu with prices… But you know, a bad day can happen to everyone and maybe we were unlucky to stumble.

So, apart from that, one must absolutely recognize the goodness of the dishes served. Particularly appreciable seafood appetizers, a range of dishes ranging from raw, mussels au gratin, marinated anchovies, fried, octopus, the great anchovies in a nutshell. Truly a nice start.

Then there is the counter at the entrance that resembles a fish shop. And like in the best fishmongers, with the passing of the hours you can see empty the best fish that end up in the dishes of the patrons. From there you can in fact choose the fish to be grilled or stewed or fried: mullet, sea bream, bass, grouper, octopus, tuna, swordfish. In short, all that the sea has to offer.

Or you can choose the best first courses: spaghetti with squid ink, with clams, pansotti prawns and pistachios, risotto with monkfish, noodles with grouper’s egg, and so on.

Le Tre Bocche restaurant

SERVICE: so and so

PARKING: not very easy

PRICE: 35/40 euros

CLOSING DAY: Sundays and holidays also for lunch, the rest of the week only in the evening. Monday closed

TELEPHONE: Tel. 095538738 – Cell. 3498168376 (better to call the cell phone)

ADDRESS: Via M. Sangiorgi 7 Catania


POSITIVE: elegant and collected environment, fresh fish, honest prices

NEGATIVE: fish counter service, we have not been given the menu (neither for wines nor for ordering)



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