Cantina della Vetra english review (Piazza Vetra-Colonne) RATE: 8,5/10


In a world of restaurants in which the gap between “I spend a fortune and then I get great service” or “you paid little and then I treat you badly” is day by day larger; in a difficult world, where the art of dining is increasingly in the hands of those whom you wouldn’t go to eat in their restaurant although the diner was for free; it’s nice to find a landlord who uses the respect due to a guest, makes you eat well and it presents you with a bill that makes you go out with a smile.

To talk about this great restaurant in Milan is good to tell the story of its owner: a former banker who, in love with the world of restaurants, something like twenty years ago changed lives by opening a wine bar, nowadays a restaurant with windows enchanting Piazza Vetra. And it’s nice to see the passion combined with the professionalism of the owner: he runs to talk to the guests explaining a dish, serves a sweet and with one eye intercepts a risotto perhaps too liquid, return it to the kitchen and puts you back in behind a plate served with a tribute of a touch of truffle which pacifies the senses and makes you feel pampered.

La Cantina della Vetra has maintained its original vocation for good wine and presents a list that will hardly disappoint you. Alter all the word “Cantina” in italian means winery. In addition to the very nice atmosphere with a pleasant reminiscent of a bistro – beautiful windows overlooking the square and the nineteenth-century furniture – is the excellent food the true star of the restaurant. Well made and well presented dishes, offered at a price that it is not easy to be found in Milan.

The menu is not vast, and offers dishes with influences from all over Italy. As  appetizers we suggest gnocco fritto con salumi e il culatello, or you can choose the sophisticated pumpkin creme brulee with foie gras or the salmon with chicory. Among the main dishes we highlight the risotto of the day (realized as it should be! In milan this one is surely a dish not to be missed!), The open ravioli with ragout and artichokes (fantastic!), Orecchiette with prawns and creamed turnips, fusilli with eggplant, caponata which obviously bring to the table the Sicilian flavors. The first and the starters cost 12 euro.

It continues with the salmon millefeuille and sea bass, braised beef with polenta, sliced Piedmontese beef, beef tartar of Fassona meat. Then there is the  dish of the day, in our case a very good risotto with braised cheek… A wonder!

At the Cantina della Vetra you will even find an excellent selection of cheeses. Also good desserts, though 7 Euros seemed a bit too much: chocolate salami, parfait of cream and pine nuts, puff pastry cake with mascarpone.


This was obviously the winter menu, the summer proposals are lighter!! Take also into consideration that every two-three months the menu changes. 
The brunch on Saturday is always full booked (two rounds 12:30 – 14). The restaurant is often crowded but the kitchen closes late (at 15 lunch 23:30 in the evening) ensuring schedules from south Italy. Best to reserve a table!
So to sum up the Cantina della Vetra, a pleasing restaurant in the center of Milan, well-made dishes and competitive prices. One of our favorite choices when we are in Milan. I find the Cantina della Vetra a lovely local… Well done!!!

La Cantina della Vetra
SERVICE: friendly (the owner is fantastic!)
PARKING: difficult (Piazza Vetra is almost completely reserved for residents)
PRICE: 35/40 euro
Closing day: always open the evening, closed for lunch from Monday to Friday (but in December they were e also open for lunch, call to check)
TELEPHONE: 0289403843
ADDRESS: Via Pio IV, 3 ang. Piazza Vetra Milan
POSITIVE: the furniture, the kitchen, the owner, the service, the price
NEGATIVE: perhaps a little expensive desserts



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