Trattoria Monti review (Monti – Santa Maria Maggiore) RATE: 8-/10


Finally it’s time to go find Daniele and Enrico Camerucci at Trattoria Monti. It ‘was recently my birthday… you ask how old? But I’ll never tell my dear readers! and Nico decided to go to Trattoria Monti, of which I had only heard narrating the wonders …

The restaurant is located behind Piazza Vittorio, in the neighborhood that in Rome is called “Monti” and you’ll find the restaurant easily through the big sign light. The atmosphere is small and cozy, does not want too much to refute his title of “trattoria”, but with great class: wooden furniture, gentle yellow light and a great customer focus. Since from 1970 the management is completely familiar… in the kitchen you will find Franca – the vital core of the restaurant – his sons sommelier, Daniele and Enrico run the hall. Whether they are sommelier there is no doubt, just look at the wine list, definitely more consistent than the menu and containing gleaming wines of their lands as the Rosso Conero.


The gastronomic background of Camerucci family is, without a doubt, the Marche region, and you will see this influence in their menu and product from this beautiful land. Marche is one of the richest regions of Italy and I remember that years ago their slogan was “All of Italy in one region” means that there really in Marche you will find everything: the sea (beautiful especially near Numana and Sirolo), hills and mountains (for those who have never gone the Conero is well worth a visit). And the variety of the reagion has led to a rich cuisine made from fish along with a meat dishes such as the coniglio porchettato. All this will be for you Trattoria Monti in Rome: all the flavors of a region in one delicious menu.


We started with appetizers, where you can find pies with vegetables and cheese for all tastes, along with the Marche fried (which actually covers many things including the famous fried cream) and we chose a potato pie in leaf cabbage mousse with radicchio and provolone. Dish really well presented and with an enviable color combination.


And first courses! Here things get complicated… the choice is quite extensive, but Nico and I were also come in order to re-try the famous tortello with dark egg (we misnamed big ravioli). We have learned that the most natural way to serve the ravioli, and also the most recommended by Camerucci family, is with butter and parmesan: delicately flavored white ravioli allows you to enjoy all the dynamism of its nuances of flavor. Nevertheless, for those who love him, there is always the version fresh tomato and parmesan or with truffle butter… de gustibus…



In addition to what you will find in the menu there are dishes of the day that Daniele and Enrico will tell you, putting more into crisis on what to order. We chose another ravioli containing a base filled with grouper and herbs topped with tomato, good and well seasoned, but my heart remained in tortello with dark yolk.


This time with the food we exaggerated and we also ordered a main dish of meat: beef roulade filled with vegetables dipped in a great sauce. Really good. But there was also the roast suckling pig and other delicacies.


Last but not least: here’s diatribe was tough… I chose a dessert made with caramelized pears which unfortunately was over, then I will remain curiosity at least until I get back, then we tried one of them must of trattoria Monti, an apple pie served with a zabaglione cream, and a semifreddo amaretto with chocolate cream. Good but not extraordinary.


A truly captivating place the Trattoria Monti, where every bite is really a level dining experience and where you will feel pampered, a bit like home… By all means a place not to be missed during your stay in Rome.

Trattoria Monti

SERVICE: very kind and professional

PARCHEGGIO: not very easy

PRICE: from 35 euro to 50 euro 

PHONE: 06 446 6573 (booking is very important, expecially at the weekend. Do it in advance!)

CLOSING DAY: sunday night and monday 

ADDRESS: Via di San Vito, 13, 00185 ROMA

POSITIVE: Elegant atmosphere, attentive service, never banal dishes of superb wine list

NEGATIVE: need to book, price is not very light

FLAT DO NOT MISS: tortello dark egg


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