Roscioli (Rome – Campo dei Fiori) Rate: 8.5/10



Before I even begin to write this review I must clarify something: at Roscioli you will eat well. 
Indeed, I shall say even more more: in Roscioli you will eat damn good.

Here you will find the excellent carbonara made with eggs Parisi and Malaysia’s pepper. According to the super scientists of Gambero Rosso guide (one of the most important in Italy) at Roscioli you will find the best carbonara in Rome.



Here you will find the famous fish amatriciana, the fish and beef tartare.

Here in Roscioli you will find the hamburgher, considered by many as the finest in Rome. A selection that presents the best sliced meats in the world and could not be otherwise, the best bread in Rome. Yes, because twenty years ago Roscioli was known in Rome “only” for the extraordinary work done from the bread oven (Antico forno Roscioli). A reference point for the pizza lovers of the capital. Then the turning point: at Via dei Giubbonari, a few meters away from the oven, was born this jewel of Roman restaurants. A place that by the time has become increasingly fashionable, while maintaining the quality of raw materials. The real strength of the restaurant.

Roscioli has invented a peculiar formula: many of the products that are cooked are for sale in the beautiful bar at the entrance, and it seems to dine in a deli restaurant, with its hanging hams and smells of cheese in the room. At Roscioli you can sit down and order a plate of patanegra accompanying it with one of the infinite bottle of wine at disposal of the restaurant.

The bottles of wine, together with bricks New York-style, create a simple and modern furnishings. The are twoambient: the long, narrow, and rather uncomfortable room upstairs and a room which is accessed with direct stairs to the building’s foundations. During the lunch you won’t get much sun light! The waiters, perhaps too few for a restaurant of this level, run al around, trying to meet with the customers  “whims” in an increasingly crowded environment.

Considered that Roscioli doesn’t have many tables, we were negatively surprised the kitchen times: more than thirty minutes for our order have perhaps been too many. For heaven’s sake, sit and chat while waiting for a super Carbonara for me is ok. But for the more impatient the time is perhaps too long. Thankfully for cheering the wait there was the wonderful bread of Roscioli oven, accompanied by ricotta seasoned with excellent olive oil.


It seems right to do a rundown on some of the extensive menu of Roscioli, keeping a wathful eye on prices. The only and inevitable (given the quality of the raw materials) weakness of this great restaurant.
We start from the starters. Fois Gras duck with sweet and sour onions (22 euro), Paestum buffalo mozzarella with the Cantabrian Sea anchovies (?! … 14), Red Tuna cooked in oil to steam, served with grilled artichoke (15) Sicilian caponata (12), Bologna’sMortadella handmade accompanied by Parmesan cheese 36 months (11), the famous mozzarella burger with Prague ham and balsamic vinegar.

If you are not completely dumb, already reading these starters you will realize the extraordinary raw materials research carried out by Roscioli. And if for a Parisi’s egg the restaurant pays a euro instead of 10 cents of the common eggs, you have to charge customers (unless you are a charity fundation).

We continue with the main courses: here the Roman cuisine reaches one of its highest peaks of achievement throughout the city. For the carbonara (15) I only say three things: Parisi’s eggs (already mentioned!), bacon of Monte Conero and original Pecorino Romano. Then the matriciana: San Marzano, Conerobacon and Pecorino Romano (15). Moreover, the Bolognese tortellini, Cacio e pepe and  lentils cream.

Here below, some of the proposed seafood dishes: the wonderful smoked cod Alaska (36), the sea bass steak with cream of eggplant and steamed vegetables (21), the roasted swordfish steak (25), the white fish tartare of Tirreno (20).

Some carnivorous dishes: the lamb chops (amazing!), the dumplings like Roman tradition, the Italian fillet of pork.

Then some of the proposed cheeses: molli di Langa, i goat Italian and French cheeses, d’Alpeggio cheese.

The desserts, to tell the truth, very good, they seemed overly expensive and not up to the presentation: Amedei dark chocolate fondue with fruit and biscuits (11), chocolate mousse trio with sauce of instant coffee (11) cream brulee pistachio (10), tiramisu (11), the crispy almond wafer with an assortment of ice cream (11).


To conclude: if you love excellent food, Roscioli is a must for your Roman culinary experiences. You come out with a full stomach and a wallet certainly lightened.

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Ristorante Roscioli

SERVICE: friendly but perhaps too few in waiter
PARKING: inside the ZTL and by the way not easy in this area
PRICE: 50-55 €
Closing day: Sunday
ADDRESS: Via dei Giubbonari 23 Rome
TELEPHONE: 06.6875287
POSITIVE: an extraordinary quality of raw materials, best carbonara in Rome, a peculiar environment
NEGATIVE: high prices (especially sweets), confusing environment, service to be improved 

NOT TO BE MISSED: Carbonara and bread



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