San Crispino Ice cream (Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi, San Giovanni) RATE: 8.5/10 (2)


Even the most solid couples bicker… Angelica and I often discuss to culinary matters.

I (and with me most of the city) find this ice cream shops (gelateria) extraordinary: the creamy ice cream, the unusual flavors, the eccellent ingredients created one of the first top ice cream shops in Rome. Angelica finds a San Crispino ice cream both overrated and pricy. I write the review but I agreed with Angelica on one point: San Crispino is a certainly expensive ice cream.

Expansive for at least two reasons:

Expansive for at least two reasons:

1) The ingredients are certainly of excellent quality (try for example to taste the chocolate with rum, the Mandarin or zabaglione)

2) San Crispino maybe is the most famous ice cream in Rome, reported on the most important international guides (not only by the Gambero Rosso) therefore here you will find hordes of Americans and Japanese.

I remember the comment of a friend of ours the first time we ate there “They certainly are swanky… They do not give us the cone because according to them it is done with preservatives and additives”” he told me a bit puzzled while was tasting its expensive micro cup.

Yes, because the smallest portion, 2.30 €, is really small!

Anyhow, you know another ice cream maker in Rome where meringue and chocolate (if you find it!) is so good?

Could you find an ice cream vendor who prepares at a better price the fantastic cream with ginger and cinnamon or cream pistachio?


And we must recognize that San Crispino was the first ice cream shop that created so many creative flavors. Today is not the only one in Rome that focuses on quality and seasonal ingredients. But it is perhaps the first in Rome to pursue this path, doing the school with all the other new generation ice cream shops.

In addition it is also open at night (at the weekend up to 1.20 A.M,, as you can see from the photo of the ice cream shop personnel) and you can find many shops in strategical And by the time they are born different outlets at strategic locations in Rome: Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Airport are in fact followed the first San Crispino in San Giovanni.

You just have to try it, but remember … The cone is strictly forbidden!

PS. If you are on the side of Angelica, below you will find a list of our favorite ice cream shops in Rome (click here)


Ice cream shop San Crespino

SERVICE: Sleeper and multiethnic
PARKING: impossible both in Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon
PRICE: Cups: 2.30; 3 euro; 4euro 1/2 liter (4 servings); 3/4 liter (6 servings) 17 €; 1 liter (8 servings) 23 euro. 
Closing day: Tuesday. Open from 12.30 to 24.20 (during the week) Friday and Saturday until 1.30am!
TELEPHONE: 066793924 (Pantheon)
ADDRESS: San Giovanni (Via Acaia 56); Trevi Fountain (Via della Panetteria 42); Fiumicino Airport Terminal A; Pantheon (Piazza della Maddalena)
POSITIVE: yummy gelato, fantasy, high-grade products
NEGATIVE: high price, no cone and small cups!


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