Marron Glacés Giuliani factory (PRATI): Rate: 8/10


It had been years since I heard about this famous Factory of Marron Glacés in Prati. My mother always talked about it and in my mind the images of some small Oompa Loompa made thair way and in the basement of the Prati neighborhood they peeled the chestnuts and added sugar to give life to the perfect marron glacès. That magnificent work of fantasy was realized in a jar of marron glacès in pieces that occasionally made its appearance at home. And I speak of appearance because it appeared and after a few hours was made to disappear from the voracious fork of my family.

With great displeasure at Via Paolo Emilio I did not find any Oompa Loompa. But I must say that the Giuliani family, almost like Mr. Willy Wonka, of sweets he understands.

To learn the art of chocolate and marron Glacès Giulio Giuliani moved to Switzerland in the 1940s. When he returned home in 1949, he opened this little gem of Roman pastry, teaching what he had learned in Switzerland to his son.

The store is rather small but very nice. The Giuliani family is very kind and the beautiful shop windows are nice and inviting. Obviously the marron glacès are beautiful and very good, the best I have ever eaten.

Normal (12 pieces 21 euros), covered with chocolate (15 pieces 34 euros) or pieces (10 euros) are produced by selecting the best chestnuts and to understand it, just look at the size of these little gems. But the factory of Marron Glacès by Giuliani certainly does not end here.

The production of chocolates is very beautiful, with some refined delicacies such as alchechengi or liquorice chocolates. Then there is the candied fruit for all tastes and the fantastic tears of love (or drops of Rosolio), those little balls of sugar with the mythical tear of love inside. A taste that reminds me so much of my childhood!!

Still the fruit jellies, with flavors that I had never seen as anise, cedar and black cherry (30 pieces 18 euros), leconfetture (orange apricot 8 euros), gianduia cream (7.5 euros) or brown (13 euros) ). Then at Easter there are chocolate eggs, Christmas nougats and pandores.

In short, a little paradise for pastry lovers. One of the oldest in Rome that has not compromised while maintaining the highest quality. Go and taste! If you do not want to go, at least order something on their site! (Http://


Factory of Marron Glacès Giuliani

SERVICE: polite

PARKING: in Prati it’s never easy!

PRICE: marron glacès in pieces 10 euros; 12 pieces 21 euros (but it’s worth it!)

CLOSING DAY: Monday to Saturday 8.30-19.30 (no stop). Sunday until 13.30

TELEPHONE: 063243548

ADDRESS: Via Paolo Emilio 67 – Rome

POSITIVE: the best marron glacès ever tasted, a high quality pastry and chocolate shop, friendly and courteous service

NEGATIVE: prices not really for all budgets

DO NOT MISS: marron glacès!


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