Ladurèe… in Rome (city center): RATE: 8/10


Ladurèe has also landed in Rome, in the heart of the historic center, in Via Borgognona.
Rome has been waiting for him for a long time, and we too, especially after having tasted his macarons in the historic pastry shop in Paris.
It is true that many now have tried the art of macaron also with excellent results: for example Cristalli di Zucchero and Caffè Propaganda in Rome, the Palazzolo pastry shop in Sicily and many others, but the fact that the Macarons of Ladurèe are extraordinary.

Then walking through Rome center you will certainly recognize its enchanting pasetello green windows, with the pyramids of macarons and the boxes in plain sight. Even in the store in Rome you can taste (or taste again if you are Ladurèe-addicted) all the macarons (1.75 eruo each) that have now become great classics:

  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • raspberry
  • liquorice
  • salted butter caramel
  • pistachio
  • currant and violet
  • blood orange and ginger
  • rose petal
  • Santo Domingo chocolate
  • lemon
  • coffee
  • hazelnut
  • bubble gum rose calin


As in any self-respecting Ladurèe shop, you will find a huge assortment of pralines, biscuits, a good variety of leafy tea, their champagne, croissants, and even “gadgets” such as candles (they are beautiful), perfumes and small objects rigorously in tone. pastel and signed Ladurèe.

Unlike his “French mother”, the headquarters in via Borgognona is purely a sales point and there is no tea room with an outdoor terrace where you can taste Ladurèè pastry specialties (such as tarte tatin and many other French specialties).

Of course I admit that, as well as Grom and many other chains, these stores exported the same all over the world, which sell exactly the same things in line with the corporate vision, perhaps lose some of the charm of the small Parisian pastry shop … the true origin of Ladurèe.

But the fact remains that it’s nice to have Ladurèe here and to be able to eat, walking around the center, his delicious Macarons. A bit like being in Paris. I can already imagine taking my brother there when he comes for Christmas.


ADDRESS: Via Borgognona 4c Rome,

PARKING: it is in a limited traffic area take a nice walk!

SERVICE: fast and attentive (there is a line already prepared to follow).

COST: 1.75 euros / macarons. Then there are several boxes of various sizes (and therefore various prices)

TIMETABLES: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 to 19:30 and Monday from 14:30 to 19:30. No weekly closing.


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