Knick Knack Yoda (called Dal Papa) RATE: 7.5/10




A world where the gourmet burger is becoming increasingly popular. A world where exclusive restaurant will make you spend a part of your Saturday night waiting in queue. Where class restaurants decorated with Feng Shui style designed by starchitect propose the couple burgers and lobster.

In this world of sandwich that has become a bit ‘sleek and dude, it’s nice to get back to the good old tasty burger, at Knick Knack Yoda.

The burger Knick Knack Yoda – Called Dal Papa (Pope) due to the legacy of the old commercial sign on the door has a rustic environment. It seems a little ‘to stay in a community center. Maybe because was born seven years ago, when the burger was far from been a plate with gourmet pretensions; maybe because the place is small; the service very easy going; but Knick Knack Yoda remained a genuine place with an environment a little underground where is possible to eat one of the best hamburger in Rome. Furtermore for the tourist should be a must since this small shop is just between Vatican Museum and San Pietro Square. Therefore is perfect for a quick lunch after Vatican Museum.

Who knows how many tourists who pass in front front of Knick Knack Yoda during the usual walk that leads to the Vatican Museums from St. Peter’s Square do not even notice this little gem and end up in some tourist trap of which is full Piazza Risorgimento!

The ingredients, obviously starting from the meat, are all selected and the preparations are expressed.

The sandwiches have interesting combinations such as: smoked cheese, bacon chicory, truffle butter (8 euro); Parmesan bacon, spinach, eggplant, balsamic (9); taleggio, n’duja bacon, occhiodibue, BBQ (9); smoked cheese, bacon, fried onions, spinach, mayo and curry (13).







There are also excellent sandwiches with sausage: Parmesan cheese, tomatoes, onions, arugula and balsamic (6); smoked cheese, bacon, chicory and baked potatoes (7); Parmesan, occhiodibue, butter and truffle; and those to the chicke (7); brie, spinach, zucchini, basil pesto and almonds (7).

From Knick Knack Yoda vegetarians also can survive with sandwiches with feta, tomatoes, lettuce and tzatziki (5); cheddar, brie, fried onions and spinach (7); smoked cheese, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, eggplant and basil (7).

The menu is strictly in English to facilitate the few well-informed tourists who refuse to be discouraged by the environment a bit ‘rough of Knick Knack Yoda.




At Knick Knack Yoda you will also find a good selection of beers.

Here you  will find hospitality even if you are looking for like the most classic bedtime burger. The restaurant closes at 2 AM.



Knick Knack Yoda (called Dal Papa)

SERVICE: genuine;

PARKING: not easy at Piazza Risorgimento;

PRICE: EUR 8-15;

ADDRESS: Piazza del Risorgimento 11 Rome


OPEN: from 10 am to 2 am (all week long). CLOSE: sunday lunch

POSITIVE: excellent quality, expressed sandwiches with fresh ingredients, in a central position behind the Vatican, sandwiches for everyone, competitive prices, very tasty burgers

NEGATIVE: Local not exactly beautiful, little light during the day

NOT TO BE MISSED: hamburger



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