Osteria Toledo (City center) RATE: Disappointment


Eating well in Naples is not easy, the restaurants abound offering cheap dishes, but the quality at a good price is a different matter. The Toledo hosteria was recommended to me by a colleague from Naples (and by the ever-present Slow food), but I’m on restaurants like San Tommaso, so I went to see for myself.
And I’ve done more. Before going there I read several reviews that greatly increased my curiosity; it cannot in fact not intrigue a restaurant that receives such disparate judgments: there are those who love it by praising its genuine environment and those who, rather perplexed, criticize it without pity.

Which party do I belong to? Let’s put it simple: in my opinion the hosteria Toledo is a safe haven for those who like to be treated badly. This is a certain fact.

It is true, I may also have caught the most classic of bad evenings, but the clues in this case do much more than a test: the annoying feeling of being put under pressure in the order, the dry and rude answers, the scream of the manager who reproaches the waitress freezing the whole room are just some of the unwelcome incidents that have marked our evening.

For the rest, if you are patient and inclined to endure a service that is more approximate than you can, the restaurant also has its merits. The location for example, just behind the central Via Toledo, right on the edge of the popular Spanish districts; the pretty wood interior of the trattoria; the kitchen that offers often pleasant dishes. We particularly appreciated the starters: really good fried anchovies and vegetables (the appetizer of the house).

The pasta dishes left us more perplexed. My pasta and beans with mussels was good, but nothing more; I don’t think the Genovese pasta (with onions) that my colleague Sacha took has been very successful, as well as the tomato-based ribs.


Really worthy of note is the dessert, a ricotta cake and pears of the highest level.


We report other dishes on the menu: mussels au gratin, bucatini al ortolana, penne alla sorrentina, octopus stew. And many other dishes that make up a rather large menu.

The price didn’t convince us, but the dishes are plentiful.

In short, you can go, but don’t expect the best restaurant in Naples.

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Hosteria Toledo


PRICE: 30 euros

PARKING: pedestrian area

CLOSED: Tuesday evening (and two weeks in August)

ADDRESS: Vico giardinetto in Toledo, 78 NAPLES

TEL. 081421257


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