Nunzia Restaurant (city center) Rate: 8/10



May God preserve us Nunzia and all the restaurants in Italy like this one in Benevento. 

Nunzia restaurant puts the entire population Beneventana together; under the beautiful arch Trajan if you ask an opinion on where to go for dinner the spoken name will surely be Nunzia.

And if you listen carefully to their words they do not seem to send you to a restaurant but to a nice friend. Because everyone in Benevento knows Nunzia and her restaurant.

The authenticity of the dishes that are repeated for years, the simplicity of the room, the pleasure of the owner to sit at the table to share with you a pleasant chat, are just some of the elements that make Nunzia unique .

And the words of Mrs. Nunzia appear as a warning to all other restaurants: “The customer makes me a favor, they come to me… They are not a chicken for plucking” she says candidly and brings us an account of eighteen euro for person. I tried to explain that in Rome with that money I would not even eat a pizza! Not to mention half bottle of wine, the wonderful scarpariello (pasta with tomatoes), the grilled sausage with provolone and excellent baba accompanied by a glass of Strega, but the lady seems to give little weight to my amazement.

At our table joined in a friendly engineer from the near factory Augusta, I and my fellow Niva we could only offer the hospitality in our table that you have in these cases.

Dinner time becomes interesting: it comes to Fiat, trade unions, industrial production of upcoming weddings, the work that takes you away and of course nice food… The engineer then confessed that after two months in Benevento he had tried only Nunzia restaurant… “I came the first night, and who has moved more” was his convincing explanations.

Nunzia, our Sora Lella Irpinia, then exclaims: “It has been just two months!? I thought at least two years… now we know each other  so well, “and it seems that she wanted to hug him.

Niva satisfied enjoying her Cardone (chicken soup with meatballs), and her stuffed squid. We toasted to our last dinner as colleagues after long time together in the same company. 

Now she is mooving to  Austria… Yeah, because love and the work brought her to change.

We look around: we were only three of us and Nunzia who sat along with us is listening amused.

Let’s go for a walk along the beautiful streets of Benevento, and we look at the Arco di Trionfo with the feeling that our lives are going in different directions.


SERVICE: very kind

PHONE:  082429431

ADDRESS:  Via Annunziata 152 Benevento

PARKING: difficult (take a walk to the course)

COST:  20 euro


POSITIVE: Nunzia, family restaurant, best restaurant in Benevento


NOT TO BE MISSED: Scarpariello


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