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Last night we had the pleasure of trying this restaurant in the elegant heart of  Prati (was it obvious that I was born here?), for a special  occasion.

We were along with our dear friend Aldo, who now lives in Frankfurt for attending his PHD. And never place turned out to be so intimate and cozy for a small friends meeting as Tastevin.

My best friend suggested Tastevin to me, who, being a cinema director, has the pleasure to try many restaurants for so-called (lucky him) business lunches.

And here we are in Tastevin restaurant, small and cozy, with the appearance of a winehouse. In fact, the name, Tastevin, betrayed the true passions of Daniele, the owner of this extraordinary restaurant, which are wine, champagne and spirits. You will find a choice of wines really wide and wise, but what we suggest is that you will listen to his advice for matching food and wine in the best way. He will take care of you you throughout your meal nicely. 

The restaurant has two other good merits: first of all, the price is quite fair, especially taking in consideration the quality of the row materials. Secondly, it is not a touristy place so that you won’t get the bothersome impression of being felt in a classical Roman trap for tourist.



The cuisine has a strong influence from Piedmont, and it is perfect – since the menu it is not that light and the flavor are strong – for the winter season. The dishes are presented in an exemplary manner. Starting from the appetizers, where even a simple cured meats and cheese course will be able to give you more than a smile: in fact the choices of meats and cheeses are highly refined and closely linked to territoriality and preservation of local products. And you will see that Daniele will be keen on explaining you the origin and peculiarities of each individual product… because in Testevin nothing is left to chance. Regarding the other appetizers interesting are the pumpkin flan with Gorgonzola fondue (8 €), rabbit pie with Puntarelle (10), carpaccio of lamb with aromatic herbs (10).


Here for us it comes the Ravioli del Plin a stuffed pasta (similar to tortellini in some ways but from Piemonte)  made with a selection of meats (beef, veal, chicken and more).

The ravioli del plin are so called because of the “pinch” that is used to close the ravioli (the “plin” indeed!) and is what is known as a plate of recovery: indeed inside you will taste roast meat, a bit of sausage and a bit of vegetables – usually spinach – egg and Parmesan. 

Those  made in Tastevin  restaurant are simply exceptional. Only complain? There will always be not enough!


Interesting also fettuccine with ragout of Piemontese beef (12) and the Matriciana (one of the few concessions to the Roman cuisine of Tastevin).
Remarkable are also the meat dishes, highly selected and cooked with skill: great pork with apple sauce (20) and a slightly spicy and soft beyond all human thinking, together with the tartar and the duck.

And, last but not least, you will be the classical desserts such as tiramisu and creme brulee, as well as a sophisticated amaretto coffee mousse.



SERVICE: kindly informal

PHONE:  06 320 8056

ADDRESS: Via Ciro Menotti, 16, 00195 Roma

PARKING: quite easy

COST: about 30-50 (it depends very much on the choice of wines that you do!)

CLOSING DAY: Saturday at lunch and all Sunday

RESERVATION: recommended (the restaurant is small)

POSITIVE: cozy and intimate restaurant, great selection of Italian wines, very good meat dishes, not a tourist trap

NEGATIVE: not recommended in summer

DISHES NOT to MISS: Ravioli del Plin

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