Old Osteria Luchin (Piazza Fenice in CHIAVARI)


Every time I arrive in Chiavari, a beautiful town on the Ligurian coast, I just can not Luchin not go. I tried to force myself to try somethin else, to look around… but nothing to do… there is like a wake up call… Secret of attraction. So that even when I was several days later, I went there every night and I made ​​a stop obliged to go to Nice to do so while trying to Nicholas.

The Old Tavern Luchin is a historical institution since 1907 in Chiavari, near the delightful square under the arcades of the Phoenix at a time (summer is magnificent in the tables to eat out!) also recommended by Slow Food for its excellent selection of wines and the quality exceptional price. Suggests that the plates are enclosed all the wisdom of tradition, quality extreme of raw materials and the warmth of a business carried on in the family for more than 4 generations. Founded by Luca Bonino and his wife in 1907, the inn Maririn Luchin is’ a family history, love and cooking.


On their website you will find written “Over the years we have not invented anything, we do not have the presumption to say that our Farinata (typical Ligurian pizza) or soup is our only”… Well I ensure that their modesty aside, their flour is really the best you can taste (remember to order it immediately otherwise there the risk that it’s over!). Once I was in travel there for work and waiting for me and set the table I had a chat with a few couples who came from Genoa on purpose to eat their Farinata, extraordinary also a native of Genoa. The Farinata, a delicious pastry with chickpea flour and soft on the inside crunchy on the outside, is a common dish throughout the Tyrrhenian coast, you can find in Tuscany, where the cecina call, in Liguria, where they call Farinata and also in France where they call it the “socca”… and each claims to have invented it.

They say there are no secrets to get everything. That’s just a tradition: tradition that turns on every morning of their wood-burning stove (Ronfi) for cooking soups, olive wood is left to dry in the oven every night which is a prerequisite essential to cook the flour and vegetable pies, which vary with the change of seasonal produce.

The menu has some traditional dishes fixed and others that vary with the season andthen… Depending on when you can taste wise extraordinary stews soups and stews, stewed, rabbit, cod, octopus cooked in foil, anchovies and fried fish, pork tenderloin affumicati, Grandma’s meatballs, ravioli with text, panzerotti.

And to end on a sweet note a number of suggestions for homemade desserts, variable night in the evening, family in the shape and taste like apple pie, cake with pears and chocolate, and – not lose – Bonetto, a sort of pudding with the chocolate macaroons, an extraordinarily creams with caramel macaroons and the unforgettable cake Luchin, a yeast cake made ​​with chestnut flour that melts in your mouth and enclosing a series of passport-related to childhood and fondest memories.

Inside Luchin looks like a classic tavern, with wooden tables in view of the beautiful furnaces where it is prepared flour (be careful where you eat is the place, often sharing you with others at the table) with the long counter with the window where exposed sweets. In the small room on the ground floor there are also smaller tables with classic checkered tablecloths and a display case with the wines of place. The service is friendly and quick, always considered that we are in Liguria and therefore are very efficient, but perhaps a few words.

And, keeping in theme, we always recommend that you book (show up directly you may expect)

and put into the account of dinner 8:00 to 8:00 and a half  NO MORE late otherwise you could

not find are several dishes on the menu and feel to say I’m sorry it ended”.

Luchin tavern


PHONE:  0185301063 – Fax: 0185301043

ADDRESS:   Via Bighetti n° 51 Chiavari (GENOVA)

PARKING:   Medium (is in the historic center, so you can park up to the area pedestrian)

COST:  20-25 euro (a glass of wine included)




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