La trattoria del Cibreo called Cibreino (Florence)


In the city where the tourist traps lurk around every corner we found the countermove: the restaurant Cibreo, better known as Cibreino.
A small bistro located in the center, just next to the most famous Cibreo, elegant restaurant from which the kitchen the amazing dishes Cibreino come.
The difference between the two restaurants? The Cibreo costs more, is more elegant, gives you the ability to book, has a larger menu. But for his side the Cibreino in return brings something extra: a waiter who’d be a whole day to look how is good. Pure energy that moves through the room like a whirlwind; Fabio, ask for the bill, and with one eye beckons to those who wait that can begin to enter. Then he sits with the Japanese tourist and exhibits, to general amazement, all in Japanese language menu; He looks at you, smiles, and says in perfect English what the bread soup is to an American couple. Personally I had never seen anything like it: polite, formal and friendly at the same time. It seems that the whole restaurant revolves around him. Then sometimes, from the kitchen comes a “surprise”: a dish maybe not requested, a more generous portion. So in the Cibreo restaurant you were just pampered with a great service.

The atmosphere is pleasant, a small bench assists those waiting their turn (no reservation is allowed!), the few wooden tables are far enough from each other and has a cozy seating area. Of course it is full of tourists, but this is Florence and I’m glad that so many people were saved from the traps tourist … So I’m sure that a good memory of Italian cuisine will be saved.
The menu of the restaurant Cibreo: they are simple, as in the case of bread soup (that requires to be eaten with a fork, extraordinary choise), the fish soup or the chicken meatballs and ricotta cheese, you will be astonished by their delicacy and perfection. If the dishes are more complicated, such as the rabbit, the fish in foil, the veal tail, or cod fish leave you speechless for cleverness of the chef.

The side dishes are amazing: a puree like the Cibreino one can be found only by Cibreino. Even the desserts are nearly perfect: the chocolate cake and cheese cake to orange are mouth-watering.

Not being provided the reservation at Trattoria Cibreo happens to wait for eating, but the amazing service and the chance to eat until late night will definitely help you.
Please note that in addition to Cibreo (more expensive!) and Cibreino, the same ownership run the near Teatro del Sale. A theater that offers the opportunity to enjoy in the same evening a good show enriched with the kitchen of Cibreo which is right across the street.
Anyhow if you are in Florence do not miss the Cibreino (cheap Cibreo)!

Trattoria Cibreo
SERVICE: perfect
PRICE: 30 euro
PARKING: inside the ZTL
TEL. 055-2341100 (reservation not available!)
ADDRESS: Via dei Macci 122, 50122 Florence

POSITIVE: amazing food, great service, nice atmosphere, best value for price in Florence, not a turistic trap restaurant

NEGATIVE: reservation not available 

NOT TO MISS: bread soup, meatball


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