Drogheria della Rosa review (Bologna city center)



What a wonderful place the Drogheria della Rosa (groceries of the Rose).

Hidden in the heart of Bologna, in summer the dehor under affords you to enjoy a dinner with the evening breeze whereas the interior of the restaurant reminds a typical grocery of Bologna.

Stands out from the sign “Grocery” on the glass door  this restaurant maintained the appearance of a old shop, with the counter at the entrance where there is always -a big bunch of roses … the variety of beautiful that seems like roses red Alice in wonderland.

The walls are covered with shelves filled with cans bottles and strange objects… I remain hypnotized and watch once a record player, a picture, radio, tins and hundreds of glass. The furnishings is unique, folkloristic and retro I would say, with a charm that is hard to describe.


The owner and founder (in 1994), Emanuele Addone, is like the restaurant he created.

Winking, ironic and slightly sly … and you will recognize  him thanks  to the variety of original glasses which he usually worn. He will give you the impression that he knows everyone around him since  at least 20 years (including you!) and, if you’re lucky, he will sit  at your table for exchanging few words (but only if he likes you!)

They told me (and I also read somewhere) that in the past it was necessary that he liked you if you wanted to sit in his restaurant! I think that now, this habits has been lost, but the remains in the air the sensation that Grocery guests are a bit… chosen and approved  by Emanuele.

However the owner know his work: he worked with Alfred Rivola and then with Raul Gardini England (London and Oxford) and Paris, before returning to his homeland by working with Silverio Ciner. What is more, he received several awards as a restauranteur. Now the kitchen is run by chef Francesco Guerra with the supervision of Emanuele.

The menu has a limited number of dishes, but with great choice. The Raw materials are really excellent. The producers are clearly listed on the internet site and great importance  is given to local products. For  instance, one of the best dishes of house, the meat, is from the butcher Bignami Agnoletto  and other names  are important for the choice of fish and vegetables.

But let’s start with the appetizers.  How can you resist in front to a plate of mortadella? 

Regarding the first course a must is the homemade pasta.  I always got the pleasure of choosing the cheese and tortellini with squacquerone (Italian cheese) served with seasonal  vegetables. Because respect of the season in the choice of the raw materials is a key factor in this lovely little place. The first courses are perhaps the most famous  eggplant ravioli with tomato sauce together with potatoes triangles with thyme. The portions are not excessive and will allow you to take a desert.

Turning to the main dishes you will find a great selection of meat, so why not try the filet balsamic vinegar of Modena? Otherwise a good choice could be the seafood specialties or vegetable patties.

All the desserts are from “Le dolcezze” in Via Murri and you can not miss the mascarpone, typical of Bologna, the famous cream made ​​with mascarpone, which usually is accompanied by a slice of cake. Alternatively there is also a flan with chocolate and seasonal fruit.

In other words Drogheria della Rosa is a very special restaurant whose menu, despite its originality and execution, has the comforting taste of home.

Oh I forgot! You will always leave the grocery with a rose in your hand.

P.s. Upon request, the restaurant prepares a dish in 2003 winner of the Pilgrim’s Cupin Venice: Borlotto reassembled on bean cream with shellfish… it intrigues me and I have quite absolutely convince Nico to go just to taste this dish to the first premium.

Rose-grocery (Drogheria della Rosa)

PARKING: not simple

ADDRESS:  Via cartoleria, 10 – 40124 Bologna

SERVICE: medium. Might make you wait, and if you are not people willing to play the game, the way of doing of the owner might bother you.

PHONE:: 051 222529

PRICE:  30€-40 (there isn’t a menu with prices. I never had nasty surprises, but stay sharp): However on average: 11 euro for the pasta dishes, 21 for the meat dishes


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