Ca’ d’ Frara (Ferrara)


Ferrara is worth a mass!

that is,intepreted it in our own way…  In Ferrara there is a place where you can eat damn good!

Ferrara is a stunningly beautiful town in Emilia where every street talks about its history and masterpieces emerge from everywhere. Just think of the castle of Este, Ariosto’s house, the Church of St. Christopher and the Palazzo dei Diamanti.

Long time ago, even my dear mother went with friends to see the exhibition of Chardin  and returned enthusiastic. I would have loved to suggest them to go to dinner in this lovely little place…  Ca ‘d’ Frara in via del Gambero, in the middle of the historical center of Ferrara .

Ca’ D’ Frara means, in the local dialect, home of Ferrara, because  in this restaurant you will feel yourself at home. The restaurant is located in a secluded street in the city center, and you ‘ll make your way between many bicycles, because Ferrara it’s one of those Italian cities where the habits and rhythms of live are still the one that used to be 40 years ago. The interior of Ca ‘D Frara is very nice: a bar at the entrance shows the wide selection of wines, a place not too noisy when full, neutral colors and dark wood furniture. Modern, but very cozy.

I went to Ca ‘D Frara towards the beginning of the winter… you know those two or three days a bit cooler that make you understand that the autumn is over and that soon it’s Christmas? To me the ideal period for visiting Ferrara and its restaurants.

To begin I chose an appetizer made ​​with a pumpkin pie with spinach and local cheese served with slices of toasted brioche. It was really delicious, and the texture of the pie balance of flavors between the sweet and savory.

While waiting for the first course, I first glanced at other tables where guests were eating “pinzin” with salami. That is, the yeast dough fried in lard (where else? we are always, remember, in Emilia Romagna)!

I thought a lot about what to  order after… and finally won decided for the noodles, or as they call them, pasta with a rolling pin, with an amazing white sauce of ham.

The menus are still several alternatives: cappellacci pumpkin sauce, cappelletti soup, lasagne and salama da sugo.

The latter dish is a very special sausage typical of Ferrara that is a kind of shell which contains a soft salami, almost dissolved, cooked in wine and spices.

The sausage is almost cooked by steaming it with a typical and ancient technique.  I haven’t had the privilege to taste it, but I’ve heard so many times that it is almost as I did… 

The only care: beware about the amount of salt. All these dishes are very tasty… therefore, along with them drink a lot of water. Unless you don’t prefer either Lambrusco or Sangiovese rather than water!

And finally, my dear readers, you can’t miss the fried cream cakes. A really good desert!

So Ca ‘D’ Frari in a nutshell: an authentic place where you can find a classical dishes from Ferrara renovated with great skill. Definitely one of the best restaurant in Ferrara taking into consideration quolity of the cooked dishes, service, and price.

Ca’ D’ Frara

SERVICE: very nice

PARKING: impossible, the restaurant is in a pedastian. Park the car and walk, Ferrara is a nice place for walking.

PRICE: 30-40 euro (without taking into account the wine)

PHONE: 0532205057 (book at the weekend)

CLOSING DAY: tuesday and wednesday at lunch – 1-21 Luglio

ADDRESS: Via del Gambero 4, 44100 – FERRARA (FE)


POSITIVE: nice ambient, great list of wine, local dishes, innovation, high level service


DISH NOT TO BE MISSED: Salama da sugo

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