And here we are to present you the Torta Susanna (Suanna Cake), a typical dessert from Parma. It is a delicate and very good cake made with shortcrust pastry and ricotta with a dark chocolate coating. It is eaten cold and in summer it can be a perfect after-dinner dessert. I recommend it because it is simple to make and melts in your mouth which is a pleasure…


Shortcrust pastry

250 grams of 00 flour
80 grams of sugar
100 grams of butter
1 egg
1 pinch of salt

Ricotta Cream

500 grams of ricotta
3 egg yolks
100 grams of sugar
1 tablespoon of flour
vanilla essence

Covering (chocolate ganache)

60 ml of cream
100 grams of chocolate

Prepare the pastry by cold kneading (in the planetary mixer or by hand making a well) the flour, the sugar, the butter, the egg and the salt.  Make a loaf and wrap it in cling film,  and let it rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

In a container mix the ricotta with the egg yolks, sugar, flour and vanilla. Mix with whisk until you obtain a creamy mixture and keep in the fridge.



Turn on the oven at 180° (static). Roll out the pastry in a high-sided cake tin, previously buttered and floured, prick the bottom with the tines of a fork and fill with the ricotta cream.


Bake for 30-35 minutes at 180°C static oven and let cool completely.

Heat the cream without letting it boil in a saucepan and pour it over the chocolate cut into small pieces (chop it in the mixer or cut it very finely with a knife) and mix with a spoon until it is completely smooth. When the cake is very cold, pour in the chocolate and leave it to harden in the fridge.

Here is the Susanna cake, a delicacy that comes directly from Parma. Hard to resist…



p.s. The photos of the finished dessert are not those of my preparation. To be fair, I tell you that I forgot to photograph the dessert and then it was eaten. In any case, the appearance corresponds to the photos I inserted, which come from the magical world of the internet.

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